Bob Kurtz
Golf's Ironman
"The Fastest and the Fittest"

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"Ironman" Bob Kurtz at the2016
PGA Show with Hall of Fame Golfer
Johnny Miller!

PGA Show in Orlando with PGA Star Will Wilcox and his sponsor and my old friend, Dieter Kasprzak of Denmark, CEO and founder of ECCO shoes. Thanks to Dieter for my golf shoes

What a night!! Golf Hall of Fame Induction at the Regency in Orlando. With three great friends---Top 100 Teacher Mark Blackburn, new inductee Mike Adams and Hall of Fame legend Dr. Gary Wiren. Again, What a night!

At the Golf Hall of Fame Banquet inducting Butch Harmon, good buddy Mike Adams, and Chuck Cook.

Checks To Charities Christmas 2014

Brooks Place
Brooks Place

Food Bank
Food Bank
"Caring for Kids"

Victim Services
Victim Services

Trophy Pic
2014 Buck Shear Memorial Super Senior Champion Bob Kurtz


Ironman Bob met the Director Of Troon Properties at the PGA Show in Orlando. Troon is completing a new course in the far north of Europe where golfers will be able to play in 24 hours of Sunlight during the summer days.  Bob has been approached to kick off the Dedication Festivities for the new Norway Links with a twenty-four hour marathon.
More information will follow as an agreement is reached.

Ministries To Children's Charity
All marathons benefit MTC Golf which uses Bob's record-setting events to raise money and draw attention to the plight of abused children.

 To follow Bob throughout the entire Sunbelt Tour season and to keep up with the American and European Senior Stars, just click on this link:
Sunbelt Senior Professional Golf Tour.

"Most Times Scoring One's Age or Lower
   in One Day"


The Official GWR Scores *

Round 1     34   36    70

 Round 2      33   35    68

Round 3      33   35    68

Round 4      32   35    67

Round 5      33   36    69

Round 6      37   36    73

Round 7     DNF

Round 8     36   36    72

Round 9     34   36    70

Round 10   34   35    69

*Attested by two official scorers, two independent witnesses and Guinness World Records Adjudicator Michael Empric



Bob Kurtz:Golfs "Iron Man"






                          GOLF’S IRONMAN TO VISIT UPSTATE NEW YORK


        Why does “Golf’s Ironman,” Bob Kurtz, continue to set golf endurance records?  “Wherever

and whenever I can do my part to help ease the plight of hurting children, it’s worth the blood,

sweat, and blisters,” affirmed the Ironman.

         One of the significant efforts to help abused children is an upcoming golf marathon event

in Syracuse, New York to benefit the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center.  Perry Noun, the

event coordinator, plans to have 100 golfers play 100 holes as a fundraising effort on May 23.

         Two weeks before the marathon, Kurtz the Ironman, will play his own 100 hole exhibition at

Timber Banks Golf Club in Syracuse to bring attention to both the challenge of addressing the problem of

child abuse and neglect and also publicize the “100 Golfers for Kids” fundraiser.

          “Golf’s Ironman” will celebrate his 76th birthday in May but shows no signs of slowing down…

but then, he IS the Ironman.

*In addition to the two official GWR marks, Golf's Ironman, is also recognized for playing 500 consecutive holes without rest, completing 72 holes of golf in 3 hours and five minutes, and scoring a 71 (two strokes below his age) in 42 minutes.



75-A Diamond Jubilee

The Sunbelt Senior Professional Golf Tour will recognize and honor "Golf's Ironman"

with a Pro-Pro Golf Event on May 22, at Terri Pines Country Club in Cullman, Alabama.

Among Bob's fellow competitors on the Sunbelt Senior Tour are such golfing greats as

Danny Edwards, Marco Dawson, Anders Forsbrand, and Blaine McAllister.


For more than a decade Bob Kurtz has set multiple world records which are included in Guinness World Records as well

as Ripley's "Believe It Or Not."  All marathons were organized to raise monies for the children's charity,

"Ministries To Children."  For all of 2016, MTC will honor Bob for his dedication to hurting children and will also

celebrate his 75th year.*


                                                     "Bob Kurtz is no longer golf's ironman, he's the man of steel!"
                                                          -Furman Bisher-
                                                                                                   The late Atlanta Journal-Constitution
                                                                                                   and nationally syndicated sportswriter and member of the MTC Board

      "Bob Kurtz has been one of the most respected sportscasters of our time---but he and his golf are a little bit crazy."                                                                              -Paul Finebaum-
Syndicated "Paul Finebaum Show" on ESPN

Among the more interesting marks set by Bob Kurtz was the 2009 "Ironman 500" Marathon, click here.  Bob Kurtz set the record of 500 consecutive holes over 40 hours.

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*For more details on "Ministries To Children" and the Diamond Jubilee Year, click here.