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2014 Buck Shear Memorial Super Senior Champion Bob Kurtz

Golf's Ironman is at it again!
On Wednesday, June 25, he will attempt to set yet another World Record as he intends to complete "The Fastest 72 Holes Ever Played."
This event is in support of the USGA's emphasis on picking up Pace of Play.  Too often a round of golf takes nearly five hours to complete and the game of golf cannot survive and grow in such an environment.
Bob's goal is to play 72 holes (Four full rounds of golf) in less than three and a half hours!

The event will be a Chesley Oaks Golf Course in Fairview, Alabama.
YAMAHA will provide the golf carts for the record attempt.

Ironman Bob met the Director Of Troon Properties at the PGA Show in Orlando. Troon is completing a new course in the far north of Europe where golfers will be able to play in 24 hours of Sunlight during the summer days.  Bob has been approached to kick off the Dedication Festivities for the new Norway Links with a twenty-four hour marathon.
More information will follow as an agreement is reached.

Ministries To Children's Charity
All marathons benefit MTC Golf which uses Bob's record-setting events to raise money and draw attention to the plight of abused children.

Golf's Ironman, Bob Kurtz, will play a full professional schedule in 2014.
Bob is signed up for twenty events on the Sunbelt Senior Tour as well as Senior Open qualifying and other professional Senior events.
In 2011 Bob won the Lake Placid Senior ProTournament for his initial victory on tour.

 To follow Bob throughout the entire Sunbelt Tour season and to keep up with the American and European Senior Stars, just click on this link:
Sunbelt Senior Professional Golf Tour.
"Most Times Scoring One's Age or Lower
   in One Day"


The Official GWR Scores *

Round 1     34   36    70

 Round 2      33   35    68

Round 3      33   35    68

Round 4      32   35    67

Round 5      33   36    69

Round 6      37   36    73

Round 7     DNF

Round 8     36   36    72

Round 9     34   36    70

Round 10   34   35    69

*Attested by two official scorers, two independent witnesses and Guinness World Records Adjudicator Michael Empric


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Bob Kurtz:Golfs "Iron Man"

Birmingham News golf column by Ian Thompson




"Officially Amazing"
In 2011, Bob Kurtz was first entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for his record 1,850 holes played in one week. Then on August 1, 2012, he set another world mark by shooting SEVEN scores lower than his age in one day.  He also became the first golfer ever to play more than 2,000 holes in a Golf Marathon.*
*All these records serve the cause of helping abused children.
Ripley's Believe It or Not
In 2012, Bob was included in "Ripley's Believe It or Not"for his world record of 1,850 holes played in one week.  Ripley's choose to highlight the world record because the weeklong record was achieved in record-setting 105 degree heat index at
Quail Creek GC, Hartselle, Alabama.

It's A New World Record
Three Hours and Five Minuites!
"Fastest 72 Holes Ever Played"

On Wednesday, June 25, "Golf's Ironman" Bob Kurtz, set another
World Record when he played Four Full Rounds of Golf in a bit over Three Hours.
Watch The Video Below

Birdie 1Birdie 2
smilemarc and bob
(hi-lites video coming soon)

Round 1 - 80
Round 2 - 79
Round 3 - 74
Round 4 - 71

As Always, Ironman Marathons are to Benefit "Ministries To Children"
A Charity to Help Neglected and Abused Children.




This new world record  will take place at  the site where Bob played his record 500 consecutive holes  in 2009 and also set the GWR mark in 2012 for "Most Times Scoring One's Age or Lower in One Day"

 Chesley Oaks,  is a rare links style course in the old south.  The ball can be played both in the air and on the ground.  There are mounds and swales and peculiar bounces to help make Chesley Oaks a fun and outstanding test of golf.

To qualify as a world record, Bob  will play the course from the blue tees at a length of  6,400 yards.   

 MEDIA:  The Chesley Oaks Pro Shop -  (256-796-9809)

                   Cary Craig-Chesley Oaks head pro

                                                        Kim Spicer (MTC Golf Events Coordinator)  (256)-339-8158

                          Michael Empric  (GWR)   716-480-0420

      Bob Kurtz  256-531-3806



Please note that this GWR attempt is a fundraiser for "Ministries To Children."  Contributions can be made by linking to the Ministries to Children (MTC Golf) website and sending a much needed gift.

Read articles on the 2011 record from John Turner and from Kyle Burger

Bob at St. Andrews, the "Home of Golf"
In April 2012,, Bob Kurtz was  invited to be a part of the St. Andrews Golf Festival. He was recognized for his GWR and his work with MTC Golf, the charity for abused children.  He then played a one day exhibition Golf Marathon at the Kittocks Course (Fairmont) just outside St. Andrews.  The temperature was hovering just above freezing with strong winds, ice and some blowing snow.  Bob's Scottish friends affirm he is "GOLF'S IRONMAN."C

*The"Ironman" 2011 Marathon was a fund-raising effort by MTC Golf ("Ministries To Children"), a charitiable foundation to help hurting and abused children.  Over $102,000.00 was raised. Just prior to the GWR weeklong world record attempt, Bob played 171 holes (9 1/2 rounds) giving him an "Ironman 2000" Golf Marathon total of  2,021 holes, a new record for Ironman Golf and the first man ever to play over 2,000 holes in a marathon. 


                                                     "Bob Kurtz is no longer golf's ironman, he's the man of steel!"
                                                          -Furman Bisher-
                                                                                                   The late Atlanta Journal-Constitution
                                                                                                                                                   and nationally syndicated sportswriter and member of the MTC Board

      "Bob Kurtz has been one of the most respected sportscasters of our time---but his golf is a little bit crazy."                                                                              -Paul Finebaum-
Syndicated "Paul Finebaum Show" on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network-

For full details of the 2009 "Ironman 500" Marathon, click here.  Bob Kurtz set an Ironman record of 500 consecutive holes over 40 hours.

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