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Golf Lessons and Instruction
"How to Break 90 in 30 Days"

One of the very first successful golf instructional videos on VHS was created by Bob Kurtz, called "How to Break 90 in 30 Days." The video is a 10-lesson series featuring Bob and his LPGA and PGA daughter, Beth Kurtz Carpenter.  For several years this video was the best selling series in the UK, Canada, as well as the United States.


If you would like to download your own copy of this groundbreaking video, donations are appreciated and all proceeds will go to Ministries to Children.

This video includes vital lessons in golfs fundamentals:

  • grip

  • stance

  • pre-shot routine

Learn How to:

  • cure that awful slice!

  • the secret of scoring!

How to Break 90 in 30 Days Introduction

Quickly achieve your lowest golf  score,  

download and donate below!

90 in 30 Cover_edited_edited.jpg

Minimum suggested donation $5-10. All donations will help families in need through Ministries to Children.

1) Length of the Backswing

One's hands must be past the ear at the top of the swing.

2) Legs

Too many Seniors hit with the upper body.

The downswing must be led by the legs and lower  body.

3) Lag

A Senior must feel like they are striking the ball with the butt end of the club.

To achieve consistent power, remember:


How To Play Better Golf For SENIORS

In his clinics and exhibitions, Bob likes to share with other Senior Golfers the secrets for his incredible power and consistency as an over-80 golfer.

Bob is unique in his ability to have a low golf score with surprisingly consistent power.  He is a member of the Long Drivers of America as a past winner of the Southeast National Long Drive competition.

"What most Seniors lack is length of backswing," Bob observes. 


Bob's three principles of power:


World Record Holder for Golf Marathons & Golf Endurance Marks

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