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Both Sides Now!!


In 2023, Bob Kurtz attempted a golf accomplishment never achieved in the long history of the game. His goal was to score his age or lower both Right-handed and Left-handed on the same day, from the same tee.  

One of Bob's Seven Records is his  Guinness World Records mark of shooting his age SEVEN times in one day!

On November 17, Bob shot an 80 Left-handed and a 69 Right-handed to achieve his goal. Since then, he has shot his age from both sides on the same day a remarkable SIX times!

This new and amazing Lefty-Righty quest is to raise awareness, as well as donations, for homeless and at-risk families.  For updates on this pursuit continue to visit!

Homeless Families

In 2024, Golf's Ironman will continue to raise monies for for Homeless Families 
Meet “The Ironman!”
Bob Kurtz is Golf’s Ironman.

An accomplished golfer including competing on the Champions Division of the PGA Tour, Bob also won several tournaments on the Sun Belt Tour. His last professional victory was the Cleveland Senior Open in 2019.  However, his greatest accomplishments were in marathon golf. 


He first drew national and international attention in the world of golf at Quail Creek Country Club in Hartselle Alabama, when he played 1,850 holes in one week setting a Guinness World Records mark.  One wag remarked, “That’s like playing 72 holes of golf in one day, then going out and adding another 200 the same day and doing it for seven days in a row!” Legendary sportswriter Furman Bisher of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote: “Bob Kurtz is a Man of Steel, but that title’s already taken, so Kurtz is the Ironman of Golf.” Thus, a title was born.
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not also recognized Kurtz’ achievements.  “Ironman Bob Kurtz, finished 1,850 holes, despite playing in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. He shot an average golf score of just over 74 and scored better than his age four times. Kurtz was 70 years old.”
Kurtz is credited with seven world records of golf skill and endurance but one mark is special.  “It’s a record I don’t think will ever be broken,” says Kurtz. The record?  In July 2012 Kurtz shot his age or better SEVEN TIMES IN ONE DAY!
All the events that resulted in his many records, plus multiple other golf challenges have the same purpose, to raise money for those who are less fortunate, especially
families facing homeless. 

In 2023, Kurtz will attempt to do something never before accomplished in the long history of golf when he will try to achieve a golf score of
 his age or lower BOTH RIGHT-HANDED AND LEFT-HANDED ON THE SAME DAY from the same tee.  This year long pursuit will have Kurtz' full attention and commitment. 
Apparently, the Ironman never stops…or tires.



What Drives the Ironman?

A former sportscaster and part of CNN's first broadcast team, Bob Kurtz began his pursuit of world records after he left his career in television. While working for the PGA Tour, he became interested in marathon golf and later began his record setting endeavors.  These efforts were for the best of reasons -- to benefit neglected children and other worthwhile charities.

While Pastor at St. John's Protestant Church in Cullman, AL. he formed Ministries to Children, Inc.  a 501c3 organization.  Since 2006, the non-profit has raised over $1 million for single moms and their vulnerable children.  Since moving to Arizona, Bob has continued his unique golfing events, and inviting all to join the effort to act early and prevent the growing problem of homeless families. 

In 2021, Bob Kurtz raised over $30,000 at Top Golf in Scottsdale, AZ by hitting 1,142 drives for A New Leaf Charity.  In 2022, he raised over $10,000 for Family Promise Charities on Mother's Day weekend by hitting 1,001 drives in one day on the range at Scottsdale's Ancala Country Club.  Family Promise helps homeless families, and these events were the inspiration for the “Both Sides Now” 2023 commitment. 

Big Day Charity Challenge 
April 24, 2023


A surprisingly large crowd, including Scottsdale Mayor Daniel Ortega showed up at the first tee at Ancala Country Club.  They were there to witness the initial attempt at scoring ones age or better both right-handed and left-handed on the same day, from the same set of tees.  

Nearly $20,000 was raised to help homeless families in this one day record-setting attempt.

What Happened?

"Righty" did fine, shooting a 74, 2 over par, and 7 strokes below his age! 

Poor "Lefty" didn't do as well. Kurtz shot a 92 and a 94 left-handed, showing more work was needed on his southpaw game.

What Next?

Stay tuned...As the quest continues to set golf's most elusive record!  


Ancala Coiuntry Club

First Tee Gathering

Peggy Gascon-Kurtz (MTC Board Member), Ted Taylor (Family Promise), Joe Dulin (A New Leaf), Suzanne Klapp (Former Scottsdale City Council, MTC Board Member), and Scottsdale Mayor Daniel Ortega

We Thank All Our Sponsors and Supporters


Check Presented to Ted Taylor of Family Promise from the "Both Sides Now Lefty-Righty" Event


Check Presented to Joe Dulin of A New Leaf charity from the "Both Sides Now Lefty-Righty" Event

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“Ironman” Bob Kurtz and wife Peggy at the PGA Show with Dennis Quaid.


The actor is starring in a new golf movie, “The Long Game,” which tells the true story

of a Texas group of Hispanic caddies who built their own rough-and-tumble golf course and went on to win the State Championship.

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World Record Holder for Golf Marathons & Golf Endurance Marks

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